Custom learning tracks from Scott Q Anderson

Learning tracks are recorded with each vocal part mixed to stand out from the rest. Typically the highlighted part is mixed fully into the left channel, and all other parts are in the right. This allows the listener to sing along with his own part while learning, then when he’s ready, adjust the balance to the right to test himself by singing along with the other parts.

If you sing in an ensemble of any size, learning tracks make it possible for you to practice your part alongside the others on your own schedule, at your pace. Busy schedules don’t allow for as much practice time as you’d like, but learning tracks are like having the rest of the group available to practice with you any time. Each member can learn the notes and words on his own, so that scheduled rehearsals can be devoted to fine tuning, leading to a better finished product.

Use the samples below to experience learning tracks for yourself. First listen through the full mix to get an idea what the song should sound like, then pick a part and begin learning it along with the track. It's only 30 seconds long. When you're ready to test yourself, play the file with your part missing and sing along with the other three.

Please visit my Catalog or Index to listen to samples of existing tracks and purchase full length demonstration versions or full sets of learning tracks, or check the Ordering page for information on requesting new custom learning tracks.