Jim Henry once called me “a pretty good tenor."  Update: in 2017 Jim upgraded me to just plain "good tenor."

"Your tracks sound good, Scott, light and clear." - Tom Gentry, Arranger

"Wow!  What a beautiful voice this Scott feller has.  Maybe one of the best tenors of all time." - Brian Beck, Arranger, International Gold Medallist

"Fantastic job!  I love it!  Made my day." - Dave Briner, Arranger

"He does great tracks." - Steve Delehanty, Arranger

"Scott's tracks are not only accurate, they're also a pleasure to listen to. No robot-sounding voices here; it's all natural." - Jon Nicholas, Arranger, Director of The Kentuckians Chorus

"Scott Anderson makes an outstanding learning track. His tracks made it possible for me to learn a new part and compete in district contest with my new quartet after just a few months. Scott is timely and great to work with...Simply put, his tracks are a bargain!"  - Robb Heady, Bass, The Good Life (2014 Cardinal District 6th Place), Kentucky Vocal Union (2014 International 6th Place Chorus)  

"I heartily recommend Scott and OnQ Tracks.  We needed learning trax for 2 songs and he delivered.  The trax are top quality, the price was right and the turn around time was really quick.  Thanks, Scott for your excellent service.  We will certainly keep OnQ Tracks in mind for our next learning trax need." - David Baeder, Idaho Gateway Chorus