Ordering from the Catalog
Prices for a complete set of learning tracks are listed in the catalog and vary by arrangement, number of voice parts, complexity, and song length.  Obtain legal copies of arrangements from the arranger or publisher.  Tracks may be downloaded immediately upon payment.

Ordering New Custom Tracks
The price is $100 for a complete set of learning tracks for a four-part song up to four minutes in length.  A complete set includes a full mix and one version for each part with the highlighted part isolated in the left channel.  Additional charges may apply for rush delivery, additional parts, extra song length, or alternative track mixes.  Email me at sqanderson@yahoo.com for a quote.

To order custom learning tracks, please send the following to sqanderson@yahoo.com: 

  • Your name and phone number
  • A legal copy of the arrangement (or contact me for a mailing address)
  • Desired completion date
  • Any supporting materials, such as a YouTube link to a sample performance or notes about interpretation
I will contact you to discuss scheduling and arrange payment.  Upon completion and receipt of payment I will provide a link from which you can download the completed tracks.

Mechanical licensing fees start at $2.28 per song and are the responsibility of the purchaser.  Learn about and pay mechanical licensing fees at www.harryfox.com.  Please make it legal.