Parodies & Comedy

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Barbershop Doot Doo, Di Doot Doo Doo

Arranged by Scott Anderson
4 Part Men
Warmup a la "Baby Shark"

Humoresque (Parody)

Arranged by Willie Mays
4 Part Men
As Sung by Memphis Men of Harmony

Rubber Duckie

Arranged by Christopher Wiggins
4 Part Men
As Sung by Beehive Blend

Seaside Rendezvous

Arranged by Paul Hart
6 Part Men/Mixed Voicing SATTBB
As Sung by The King's Singers #30864773086477

Star Wars (John Williams is the Man)

Arranged by Josh Slagowski, Bryant W. Smith, and Mister Tim
4 Part Men
Star Wars quotes set to movie themes of John Williams
As Sung by Moosebutter

Tell Me Why (Parody)

Arranged by Burt Szabo
4 Part Men
Both Parody and Non-Parody Tracks Included
Harmony Marketplace #209438

They'll Be Seeing You (Hospital Gown)

Arranged by Chordiac Arrest
4 Part Men
Parody of I'll Be Seeing You
As Sung by The 4 Hims

Title of the Song

Arranged by Adam Scott
4 Part Men
As Sung by Da Vinci's Notebook

Two Below in Tupelo

Arranged by Burt Szabo
4 Part Men
As Sung by Cahoots

Where O Where?/Gloom, Despair Medley

Arranged by Brian Beck
4 Part Men
AKA "Pfft, You Was Gone" From Hee Haw

With Cat-Like Tread

By W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
4 Part Men TTBB plus solo with piano accompaniment

You Gotta Have Skin

Arranged by Ed Waesche
4 Part Men
Parody of Heart from Damn Yankees, as sung by John Lithgow
Harmony Marketplace #7396